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From Air Force to Software Development image

From Air Force to Software Development

The training was everything I had hoped for: focused, challenging and rewarding. While military bootcamp stressed me physically and emotionally, coding bootcamp challenged me intellectually....
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Why I attended CodeWorks image

Why I attended CodeWorks

I have had many different careers throughout my adult life, but regardless, every day when I got home I would get on my computers and spend as much of my free time as I could....
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Bootcamp after the Military image

Bootcamp after the Military

Much of my experience in my time at CodeWorks was quite comparable to my experience in basic training, the only difference being instead of my body being pushed, my mind was being pushed. Just like when I joined the military, I had the absolute bare minimum as far as experience went. I could write basic HTML, and knew a little CSS, but that was it. And I discovered just how little I knew really quickly....
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Why I Work at CodeWorks image

Why I Work at CodeWorks

The story of going from recruiting developers to training them and how that lead to a much more fulfilling career...
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