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12/9/2021 - 41:50
This week on The Dev Team Podcast Mark, Jake and Ryan sit down with Jeet Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of In Time Tech and author of "Insights Into Creating Abundance".
11/30/2021 - 51:03
This week on the dev team we discuss breadth vs depth, ryan talks the latest from apple and jake wraps us up with round 2 of over under.
11/1/2021 - 53:22
This week on the dev team Ryan, Mark and Jake talk about our dates, in the news Jake updates us on windows 11, finally we deep dive into our own personal book club recommendations.
10/21/2021 - 39:32
This week on the dev team Mark opens with word of the day environment, Jake dives into outages, and Ryan deep dive into building resilience into software
10/14/2021 - 40:11
This week on the dev team Mark tackles word of the day stress, Jake will bring us the news the Nvidia Now data breach and Ryan deep dives into developing yourself.
10/5/2021 - 61:59
This week on The Dev Team we discuss the Joel Test, a blog written by Joel Spolsky, and address each of the 12 requirements from a perspective over 20 years later.
9/29/2021 - 52:10
This week on the dev team Ryan takes the word of the day Hackathon, Jake runs us through the news on docker desktop, Maui delays and Age of Empires 4 stress test. Lastly I will talk about what to do when you fail
9/8/2021 - 49:57
This week on The Dev Team Podcast Mark, Jake and Ryan answer questions sent in by listeners to the Submitted through Github issues.
9/1/2021 - 56:17
This week on The DevTeam we sit down with Scott Nichols - Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft to discus everything Cloud and get his insights into Azure.
8/25/2021 - 44:13
In this episode of the dev team, Jake threatens us with some ransomware, Mark dive into the new Google Remote pay structure, and Ryan deep dives with the joys of remote working
8/18/2021 - 40:32
This week on the dev team Ryan starts us with word of the day Automation, Jake reminds us how old we are compared to the world wide web, and Mark closes us off with managing your workday.
8/11/2021 - 39:13
On this episode of the dev team Jake starts us off with Static code analysis, Ryan brings us the latest news with the FrameWorkLaptop and Mark wants to know if its time to quit his job.
7/28/2021 - 44:24
This week on The Dev Team, Ryan rolls us back with regression, Jake brings us an update on Copilot, and finally Mark will closes out with a chat about bug management.
7/21/2021 - 51:08
This week on The Dev Team, Mark starts us off talking about incremental vs iterative development, Jake flies back in from vacation with Github copilot, and finally Ryan deep dives into the world of AI and Machine Learning.
7/14/2021 - 38:37
In this episode of the dev team we start with our word of the day, DevOps, Ryan jumps us to the latest news, the release of Windows 11 (the preview) and Visual Studio 2022, finally we have a special guest Brittany from the CodeWorks Recruiting team.
6/30/2021 - 46:41
In this episode of the dev team Ryan starts us with the word of the day "Community", Mark then drops news on Github and new certificates from the Scrum Alliance, lastly Jake kicks off the deep dive with a game of "did you know"
6/23/2021 - 35:05
In this episode Mark starts us off talking about TDD and BDD in word of the day, Jake dives in to the latest from Microsoft Maui and Google Workspaces, Lastly Ryan rounds out the episode with a talk on ReST
6/16/2021 - 23:27
The Dev Team is back for another exciting season with our newest member Ryan Coats! But first Mark get's started by talking about CORS. We say hello to Ryan, then Jake dives into project planning and how to know when you are ready to start coding.
11/11/2020 - 19:42
In this episode we talk about Retrospective, we will spend the episode having a retrospective on things we talked about during the year, and things we would like to improve upon in the next year. Thanks for listening to Season 1!
11/4/2020 - 32:04
In this episode of the dev team, Jake will make us hungry for pancakes as we talk about the Full Stack, Darryl has a follow up on the Github Game Jam as well as VueConf Toronto, Lastly Mark has another one of his famous lists, of advice we would give to ourselves starting out in code.
10/28/2020 - 37:16
In this episode of the dev team Darryl gives us a taste of cookies, Mark introduces the Github Game Off, then Jake reflects on how we teach developers
10/21/2020 - 40:18
This week Mark starts discusses the importance of Accessibility, Jake shows off the new features of Node v15, Then Darryl gives us his tips on maintaining high quality code.
10/14/2020 - 44:31
In this weeks episode of the dev team Jake kicks us off with the word of the week WSL or Windows Subsystem for Linux. Darryl talks about the monopolies of Amazon, Google, and Facebook and law makers aiming to potentially split them. Microsoft's new Netflix for games, or the Game Pass streaming service and then mark wraps everything up with how to become a team leader in 8 easy steps.
10/7/2020 - 29:03
In this weeks episode of the dev team Darryl gets us looking good with the word of the week UX/UI, in the news Mark will talk about a game that rose from the dead during the pandemic, and lastly Jake will bring us home with the definition of done.
9/30/2020 - 38:05
Mark starts us off with the almighty PWA, Jake announces the release of Vue 3 and Github branch name changes, then Darryl lead us in a discussion in getting started as a Freelance Developer.
9/23/2020 - 35:05
This week Jake gets us started with the word of the day plugins, Darryl shows off the new Github CLI tool, finally Mark brings up how to be helpful online.
9/16/2020 - 30:48
Darryl starts us off with compiled code mark talks about the Microsoft data center being pulled out of the oceans and the United Airlines data leak and Jake talks about the things that slow us down
9/9/2020 - 26:04
The Dev Team brings on a guest speaker Tim, then they discuss the state of Microsoft Certification exams, finally Darryl goes over the pros and cons of subscription based software.
9/2/2020 - 33:05
On this episode Jake starts off with cache and not the money kind, then Darryl announces the death of Internet Explorer, then Mark wraps up with a game we call Over or Under
8/26/2020 - 30:42
On this episode Darryl explains the inner workings of API's, Mark brings up Mozilla's latest decision to kill (MDN), and Jake wraps up with some tips and tricks for getting over developer burnout.
8/19/2020 - 27:06
Mark spirals the team into recursion, recursion, recursion, then we take flight with Boeing's security updates processes, lastly we wrap up Darryl tips on contributing to open source projects.
8/12/2020 - 38:34
On this episode we kick off with Structs, Then we discuss a study of the code interview and the devastating impact it is having on the industry, lastly we wrap up with the 5 things to consider when building a side project.
8/5/2020 - 34:38
In this Episode of The Dev Team, Darryl leads us in a discussion about the word of the week "Impostor Syndrome". Next Mark shares some news about Amazon's new tool CodeGuru, and discusses if everyone should learn to code. Lastly Jake will dive deep into what juniors should be doing to advance their career.
7/29/2020 - 41:58
On this episode of The Dev Team Mark starts us off by going polymorphic, then Jake brings up Rust and R's climb on the TIOBE index, finally Darryl dives into how a JR should approach their senior developers for help in the code.
7/22/2020 - 31:06
This week on The Dev Team we start off with Dependency Injection, Then we cool down as we discuss Github's Artic Code Vault, last we wrap up with how to get the most out of your first 30 days as a Junior Developer.
7/15/2020 - 29:02
The team chats about Abstraction as the word of the day, github profile pages, and then deep dives into how to acclimate yourself to large monolithic applications