Web Dev 101

The Web rules all aspects of modern software. Learn to bend it to your will.

Course Summary

Learn how to build and style websites using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. During this 6 week course students build web applications from scratch, while learning the core principles of web development.

What you learn

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

Course Highlights

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Course Details

Why Web Foundations
In today's world of technology the web rules all.  If you are curious to learn how it all works and the amazing career opportunities around software development this is the course to start.

This Course provides a flexible approach when learning to code, and is the perfect place to start your career as a software developer. 

The curriculum focuses on teaching proven coding practices geared towards front-end web development where students work in teams under the supervision of a lead developer to create attractive web applications. 

Where to Start
This course is taught at a pace for those with little to no coding background. Prior to the first day of class students begin learning through our free Intro to Programming prep course. The prep work is completed online and usually takes around 50 hours to complete.

Face to Face Instruction
With our unique hybrid model students will get the opportunity to learn online and in-person. 
We are asked frequently why we chose to make some courses mandatory Face-to-Face Instruction? The simple answer is for most it is simply more effective. As students begin their journey into software development it is absolutely crucial that they don't learn the fundamentals incorrectly. Despite all the advances of online learning the best way to learn a craft is still by being in the same room as a professional. On campus, students have their classmates, learning centers, instructors' office hours, and tutors to support and help them with their various learning needs. With these resources its easier to clarify and reinforce the material. Also while learning in person helps to grow your social network which becomes crucial when hunting for your first job in the industry.

Project-Based Curriculum
We have carefully crafted out curriculum based on years of professional development, previous courses, and extensive market research to ensure that our students learn the technologies and methodologies necessary to start building impressive, beautiful web applications that adhere to today's workforce standards.

Design your Professional Portfolio
As students progress through the course they begin building their professional portfolios. As the tech industry continues to grow most companies today are making hiring decisions based upon portfolio projects. These projects help to demonstrate the difference between developers who are competent, passionate, and capable of working in the industry. 

So if you dream of having your own clients as an independent contractor, or are looking to get your foot in the door with local companies, and you are ready to start building web applications then this course will provide you with the starting knowledge to become a front-end web developer.

Community Connections

At CodeWorks we host local meetups for startups, tech companies and investors. Meetups offer an ideal environment to network and make valuable connections where as a student you will be in close proximity to local talent managers who are eagerly looking for their next team member.

Agile Methodology

Agile, "The Gold Standard", is a term used to describe an approach to project management. Knowing how to work as an Agile team member, is as important to employers as your coding skill. Our curriculumn is developed specifically to incorporate this Process into your standard workday.


Students that successfully complete the course and pass their exit interview receive a Certificate of Completion. Students also maintain their Alumni Card to showcase your accomplishments, certificates, and links to projects, as well as letters of recommendation.


Let us know how we can help you. If you have any questions please read through our Faqs or give us a call. (208) 391-5162

What is the class focus?

Your employability is our success so everything we teach and focus on is geared towards teaching the skills necessary to work in the industry.

What help is available?

We know learning to code can be challenging. At CodeWorks we keep our student to teacher ratio right around 6:1. We also have private 1 on 1 tutor sessions available at no extra cost.

What if I have more questions?

We are educators! We love questions! Shoot us an email or give us a call. We may not have every answer but we will work with you to solve anything we can. The only bad questions are those not asked.