Taking the first step toward changing your career

Taking the first step toward changing your career

I believe there’s a difference between living, and living your life.  The same difference between being the main character in a novel and being the author of that novel.  Complacency temps us every day and I’ll admit that career wise I spent the past two years indulging in this temptation.  I worked hard managing the bicycle shop I worked at and genuinely enjoyed the job and my coworkers, but deep down I always knew that it wasn’t something I wanted to do forever.  Yet because I was complacent I never challenged myself to plan for my future. Career wise I was letting my future discover itself to me instead of make it what I wanted. Then one evening at a local climbing gym I saw a water bottle with CodeWork’s name and logo on it.

I looked up CodeWorks the next week, filled out their “Hey, I’m interested” Application, and was surprised to receive a phone call from CodeWork’s recruiter, Brittany Ohnsman, to setup a campus tour.  Progressing through the pre course work challenges I quickly realized my passion for coding. For the analytical thinking coding demands, found in my downtime activities- chess and sudoku, combined with the abundance of creativity coding affords is, to me, liberating and self-fulfilling.  It’s because of this passion that I could envision myself in the software development industry many years into the future and, further, I was eager to be there.

A strong appeal toward CodeWorks for me before beginning was feedback from former students.  One former student claimed that he’d learned more in Codework’s Immersive Full Stack course than he’d learned during four years of university.  Another appeal was Codework’s 85% job placement rate. This gave me the confidence going in to believe that if I honestly challenged myself to learn as much as I could during my 13 week course that on the other side of those 13 weeks I’d be well equipped and prepared to enter the job market as a developer.

Every week attending CodeWorks your belief in both the program and your own skills are strengthened as you observe the drastic difference between your skills then to your skills the week prior.  This pace of learning would never be achievable without CodeWork’s great instructional staff. The instructors are true experts and professionals in this field and have an inspirational passion for sharing their wealth of knowledge with the class.  Another exciting observation that occurs throughout the class is the change in your own interaction with the internet. For you’ll begin to notice subtleties of websites that you’d previously wouldn’t have thought twice of because now you think to yourself, “I know exactly how to make that modal” or “I like how this site handles its routing”.

If you’re considering a career switch then it’s very much worth your time to look into CodeWorks.  Or if you’re reading this article then you’ve probably looked into CodeWorks and just haven’t finalized your decision to attend.  From my experience, attending CodeWorks was the best decision I’ve ever made career wise and, I say with confidence, I’ll ever make.  What will your experience be?

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Porter Wilcox
Apr 15, 2024