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CodeWorks' Jumpstart Scholarship Program

We at CodeWorks are excited to share our tuition discount program, which will allow students to significantly reduce the total tuition amount for our Immersive program ($500 discount) and our Evening Foundations of Web Dev program ($250 discount).

To summarize the new program:

Any applicant who proves that they completed certain pre-determined exercises on prior to the start of one of our courses will be eligible for a $500 discount to the Immersive program and $250 discount for the Evening Web Dev Foundation program.

We believe this new program will accomplish two things:

  1. By reducing tuition, the discount will make our Immersive bootcamp more accessible to many people who are excited to take it, and
  2. It will further our goal of continually increasing the technical readiness of our applicants.

Here is how the program works:

Any applicants who successfully complete the exercises listed below, which are freely available in FreeCodeCamp’s Front End Development Certification track, will be eligible for an $500 discount for the Immersive, and a $250 discount for the Evening Foundations course:

  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  • Gear up for Success
  • jQuery
  • Basic Front End Development Projects
  • Basic JavaScript
  • Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  • JSON APIs and Ajax

These exercises are highlighted in the boxes in the screenshot below (taken from We also want to point out the the Basic Algorithm Scripting course is our favorite and will likely be the most challenging.

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To sum up, applicants who complete all the exercises highlighted in the red box will be eligible for the full discount — $500 or $250, depending on the course. Perhaps more importantly, any applicant who diligently works through all these exercises will be in an excellent position to do well in our bootcamps.

Note that we will require proof of successful completion of the exercises. Acceptable forms of proof will be determined at our discretion, and may include a technical discussion of what was learned by completing these exercises. At the very least, we will require that the applicant send us the URL to his/her public FreeCodeCamp profile.

We hope these discounts make a difference for many CodeWorks applicants in the future. We firmly believe that this program will create a win-win situation for all involved!

Please contact us at with any questions.

scholarship details

Back End with C# Microsoft Scholarship $250

Gearing up for the Backend C# course is an essential part of your success. Fortunately our friends over at Microsoft have put a lot of time into making the perfect introduction courses.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy course C# Fundamentals will prepare students perfectly to start our program off on the right foot.

To get the Scholarship:

You will prove your completion of the course by creating a microsoft account and showing us your 100% completion rate.

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